Direct Mail For Non-Profits

Direct Mail, as part of a full fundraising umbrella, enables non-profit organizations to acquire new donors and create a consistent stream of funding. We will do it all for you - soup to nuts - writing text, acquiring mailing lists, designing, printing, and mailing your package. We'll even help process and analyze your results.

A recent article noted: “Not new or snazzy like its digital brethren, direct mail gets little respect. But while some marketers deride the ‘old-school’ tool, others find it vital to their omnichannel approach.” (Michele Meyer: “6 Reasons to Invest in Direct Mail”).

How true it is! Direct mail plays an important role in successful marketing campaigns.

It is much more personal and literally hands-on. You can linger over a piece of mail in your hand – not so for digital media.

With QR codes, you can take the reader straight to your web site after capturing their attention with your eye-catching direct mail piece.

You can offer an attractive discount by bringing a special ticket from the mailing to your store.

And you can’t accidentally delete it!

There are many more reasons to consider direct mail for your marketing campaign. We would love to talk with you and would be happy to do so – no obligation.

Peruse our direct mail here and then contact us at or call 1-800-675-2675. We look forward to chatting with you. Oh, and by the way, just say “it still works” and we will give you a 7% discount on your first direct mail campaign!